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DAMPIER is a luxury eyewear and accessories brand founded by its Creative Director, Joseph Dampier-Webber, supported by the experience and expertise of his team of craftsmen and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.


As well as being the name of Dampier's creative director and founder,  Joseph Dampier-Webber, it is also the name of an extraordinary 17th century English explorer/naturalist/buccaneer, William Dampier, who discovered a remote inhospitable region of New Holland seventy years before Captain Cook landed to claim the continent of Australia for Britain. That region is still called Dampier today and has one of the most beautiful, unforgiving and awe inspiring landscapes in the world. 


Dampier was the first maritime adventurer to circumnavigate the world three times and is described as Australia's first natural historian. He charted the trade winds, the storms and tides and brought names into the English vocabulary through his writings for many things that are familiar to us today - barbecue, chopsticks, avocado, catamaran, cashew and at least seventy more. 


Our inspiration draws upon the heritage, endeavour and spirit of adventure that epitomises the great explorers who pushed beyond their known frontiers to discover new horizons, mapping the past as well as the future. 


It's a remarkable story and one that continues today as the Dampier Collection. 


The Collection encapsulate a timeless, classical style matched with a modern appeal by using the finest materials chosen for their aesthetic quality and durability. Our design approach to many of our bespoke products harnesses the best of the creative tradition known as form and function. 


Whether designed and made in-house or specially chosen from a select group of craftsmen, our range of luxury items for men and women conveys an exquiste attention to detail with every item. 


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